WATCH: Kamala Harris Blows Off Trump Attacks as She Signs Documents Saying She’s ‘Qualified to Serve’ As Vice President


Senator Kamala Harris brushed off President Donald Trump’s recent attacks as she joined former Vice President Joe Biden to sign required ballot documents.

The newly-announced presidential ticket made a brief appearance Friday afternoon for a photo op in Delaware, where Harris was asked to respond to attacks from Trump since her nomination as Biden’s running mate was announced.

Biden began the op by telling the press pool “We’re going to make this official, official. We’re going to sign our request to get on the ballot in each of the states. I’m starting off by signing Delaware and the Senator is going to sign California.”

“Ready, get set, go,” Biden said.

“I’m ready. Let’s go,” Harris said as they signed.

Senator Harris finished first, and Biden quipped “They make you sign a lot more in Delaware.”

That’s when a reporter asked “Senator Harris, what do you make of President Trump and Republicans’ attacks on you since you became the running mate for Mr. Biden?”

Sen. Harris smiled, shrugged, and said “I’m signing this because I am in this race to win with that guy right there,” indicating Biden, and added “and we’re going to get it done.”

The pool also shouted questions about whether either of them had been tested for the coronavirus, and were ushered out without a response to those queries.

The Biden campaign noted, following the event, that the documents being signed verified their eligibility to hold the offices they seek:

The Vice President and Sen. Harris are signing documents indicating that they consent to receive the Democratic nomination for President and Vice President, respectively; that they are qualified to serve in the office for which they are being nominated; and that they request and assent to be placed on the ballot as Democrats.

These forms are a required part of the process to be on the ballot in every state and in the District of Columbia.

Trump has attacked Sen. Harris as “nasty” and revived the racist “birther” smear by falsely questioning her eligibility to hold the office of vice president.

Watch the clip above via ABC News.

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