Watch ‘Late Show’ Debut CBS’ New, Impeachment-Focused Fall Primetime Lineup: ‘Two-and-a-Half Brains’… ‘Hawaii Quid-Pro-Quo’


Stephen Colbert’s Late Show had some fun with the idea of the House’s upcoming public impeachment inquiry being broadcast in primetime, brainstorming how these Congressional hearings might be mashed up with some of his network’s more popular shows.

“For weeks, the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has been happening almost entirely behind closed doors. That is all about to change,” the faux CBS promo explained. “The impeachment inquiry will soon be coming to television, with one House Democrat even saying, ‘Do it in primetime so that the majority of Americans can be home watching it.'”

Then, the show rolled a spoof reel of new, impeachment-focused sitcoms and dramas combining a cast of characters from the Trump family, White House, and Congress with long-running CBS primetime hits.

“This fall on CBS: impeachment primetime,'” the network’s ad began. “First, President Trump asks for a favor from the Ukraine. Now he and his personal lawyer [Rudy Giuliani] are digging for Biden dirt on Waikiki: Hawaii Quid-Pro-Quo.”

“Then, follow the hilarious exploits of a group of GOP Congressmen as they squirm through various closed doors for no apparent reason: The Big Barge Theory,” ran an ad for another show, based on a recent political stunt by House Republicans.

“Then, one is a seasoned tough-as-nails investigator. The other is Adam Schiff. Together, with one other guy, they are Pelosi, Schiff and Macgyver. Finally, a sitcom about a president raising his two, half-witted sons while violating the Constitution: Two-and-a-half Brains.”

“It’s all happening right here on CBS…and local Ukrainian affiliates.”


Watch the video above, via CBS.

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