WATCH LIVE: Senate to Vote on Witnesses in Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump


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The United States Senate continues the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on Friday, at 1 p.m.

On Thursday, House managers and White House defense team answered questions posed by senators on Thursday, which mostly reflected batting practice at a masters-level softball league.

Friday sees a critical vote in the Senate trial on whether new evidence and witnesses should be introduced. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton has become a key figure in this discussion as reports surfaced about his book revealing specific discussions with Trump about holding up Ukraine aid in return for investigating Joe Biden.

Senator Lamar Alexander released a statement late Thursday evening that asserted he believed that the allegations brought forth by the House Managers to be likely true, he did not find that they rose to the level of impeachment and would be voting no on witnesses. It is believed that Mitt Romney and Susan Collins will vote yes on witnesses. It is also believed that Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski will vote yes on witnesses, which would leave the vote tied at 50-50, presuming all Democratic Senators also vote yes.

In the event of a tie, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts could break the tie, but few expect him to side with the Democrats.

Watch live above via PBS.

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