WATCH: PBS Reporter Avoids Being Run Over By Forklift Full of Georgia Votes During Live Election Night Coverage


PBS reporter Miles O’Brien had a close encounter with a forklift loaded with ballots in Fulton County, Georgia live on the air during PBS Newshour’s Election Night coverage.

After finishing a panel segment with The Washington Post‘s Robert Costa and The 19th’s Errin Haines, anchor Judy Woodruff tossed to O’Brien for a late-night check on the hotly-contested Georgia presidential race — which, as of this writing, is expected to be resolved by Wednesday evening.

“He has been at the Fulton County, Georgia, vote-counting place,” Woodruff said, and asked O’Brien for an update as the vote-counting activity buzzed behind him.

But as O’Brien described the “huge backlog” of mail-in votes and the Herculean efforts being made to count them, a loud honk came from offscreen and O’Brien had to interrupt his report to let a ballot-laden forklift ride through the shot.

Pressed right up next to the camera, O’Brien coolly told the forklift operator “You’re live on The NewsHour, say hello!”

The forklift operator just as coolly shot the camera a wave as he drove through the frame, as Woodruff laughed.

President Donald Trump currently holds a narrow lead in the state, but that lead is expected to narrow with the counting of the very ballots that photobombed O’Brien.

Watch the clip above via PBS.

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