WATCH: Sentient Man-Bun Rushes Kamala Harris Onstage, Gets DRAGGED Off After Stealing Mic

California Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris kept her cool as man-bunned activist Aidan Cook rushed onstage and stole her microphone, and was promptly dragged away as he ranted.

At MoveOn’s Big Ideas forum Saturday, Harris was about to answer a question about addressing the gender pay gap when Cook marched onto the stage, stole the microphone from Harris, and began to rant about a “much bigger idea” that he never got to finish because the mic was cut, and he was dragged off the stage.

The activist turned out to be a representative of the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, which put out a press release on the incident. Presumably, there was no public event featuring Bobby Flay this weekend.

A smiling Harris kept her cool throughout, briefly but calmly exiting the stage during the disruption. When the senator emerged, she joined in with a crowd chant of “Ka-ma-la!” and told the moderators “It’s all good,” as she sat down to resume answering questions.

Now-President Donald Trump was the victim of several stage-rushing incidents during the 2016 presidential campaign, including one in Dayton during which the person never managed to reach the stage, but which caused quite a different reaction from the candidate than the one Harris exhibited. Trump ducked as Secret Service agents surrounded him in a protective embrace, and Trump heroically clutched at them.

Watch the video above via MoveOn and NBC.

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