WATCH: Shocking Moment Toddler Falls from Sixth Floor Balcony, And is Saved By Blanket

In a nail-biting video, a toddler plunged five stories down towards the pavement, but his fall was broken by a blanket thanks to an assembly of neighbors.

In video obtained by the Daily Mail, the toddler is shown clinging with all his might to the edge of a balcony. He tries to walk himself back up to the side, but his feet keep slipping. As he’s holding on, neighbors down below form a circle and hold out a blanket, awaiting his inevitable fall. Eventually the toddler falls straight into the blanket, completely unharmed.

The toddler lived in a high-rise in Chongqing city’s Jiulongpo district in China. He had awoken from a nap and was looking for his grandmother when he found his way off the edge of the balcony, according to the Daily Mail. The boy had climbed on top of the sink on his balcony to search for her and tumbled over the glass railing, and just caught himself on the ledge, the tabloid reported. His grandmother had left him alone during a nap and went out for groceries.

“He was kicking and trying to climb up. He managed to lift himself a little bit but then slid back down again,” said a neighbor, identified as Mr. Liu, who filmed the harrowing footage obtained by the Daily Mail. The residential district’s security said the boy had been holding on nearly four minutes before his grasp failed him, according to the Daily Mail.

The grandmother eventually came back and carried the boy home, and his parents later took him to a hospital.

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