comScore Shocking Supercut Of Trump Administration Misleading The Public On The Number Of Coronavirus Test Kits Available

Watch Stunning Supercut Of Trump Administration Misleading the Public on the Number of Coronavirus Test Kits Available

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, alongside administration officials, claim the United States can test millions of people for the coronavirus; but, in reality, the administration has tested far less than numbers touted at Covid-19 press conferences.

The new supercut video – released by The Bulwark’s senior video editor, Barry Rubin on Sunday morning – places a spotlight on the claims of available test kits compared to the number of people tested.

The video begins with a clip of Trump on February 26th, stating, “while we’re testing everybody that we need to test… we’re finding very little problem.”

As the days roll by and press conferences continue, so do the administration’s claims of testing capacity, which is substantially lower than the Covid-19 tests administered nationwide.

The video further shows Trump dispelling the fear that there aren’t enough test kits while touting calm and claiming to a reporter that he’s “not hearing” the people who can’t be tested due to the low supply.

As the number of tests promised inexorably increased – upwards of 2 million – the tests administered across the country as of March 20th remained under 200,000, the video states.

In yet another polished video, Rubin pairs Trump’s misleading statements with real-time testing statistics, which shows Trump’s claims falling flat.

In an interview, Sunday morning with Mediaite, Rubin stated, “Donald Trump is doing exactly the opposite of what you want the president doing,” while further urging his fellow Americans to take the coronavirus seriously.

Rubin added that the most vital component to stoping Covid-19’s spread is to have testing kits available and accessible – which is what sparked the idea for the video.

Watch above, via YouTube.

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