WATCH: Teen at Trump Rally Complains His High School Allows Confederate Flags But Not ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’


A teenager waiting in line for ex-President Donald Trump’s rally ruined a pro-Trump interviewer’s narrative with his tale of oppression at the hands of an assistant principal.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump lined up in droves Saturday morning for this evening’s rally in Conroe, Texas, and the pro-Trump Right Side Broadcasting Network was on hand to interview Trump fans as they waited.

One of the hosts, who goes by Mike D., thought he had a live one when a group of teenagers flagged him down to tell him the story of a heavy-handed school administrator.

For the uninitiated, the “Let’s go Brandon!” trend originated when some NASCAR fans at Talladega chanted “Fuck Joe Biden” as race winner Brandon Brown gave a post-race interview, the reporter mistook the chant as a show of support for Brown.

That moment has made “Let’s go Brandon!” a stand-in for the more profane version with opponents of President Joe Biden. But there’s an added dimension. Some conservatives believe that the reporter’s mistake was actually a deliberate and instantaneously-devised effort to cover up what the crowd was really chanting, and use the phrase as a double-edged critique of Biden and the media.

Mike D. happens to be one of those who still believe that the reporter deliberately came up with the coverup on the spot, so he was delighted when a young man named Chris asked to tell the story of a “Let’s Go Brandon!” flag he flew from his truck.

“So I’ve had it on for like six months, since I started school, and my AP walked up to me. He was like, ‘Hey, I need you to take out that flag. It threatens the president’,” Chris said.

“It threatens the president. And what did you say back?” Mike asked.

“I’m some low high schooler flying a flag. I don’t think he’s going to care. And it’s not threatening, and it doesn’t even mention his name,” the kid replied.

Mr. D. asked “Doesn’t that mean that we don’t have free speech,” then reiterated his theory that “it’s also the media that created that, Let’s go, Brandon would not exist without the media lying to people in real time. Everyone knew what that crowd was chanting, every single person.”

Chris talked a little school administrator smack, saying “but it’s only the assistant. I’m waiting for the school board or somebody to come up and talk to me because he don’t matter to me. He’s not… but he may have a grudge against me or something.”

Mike then tried to lead the conversation a little by asking “Do people have other political messages like BLM or other messages that are…?”

“They have a bunch of Confederate flags on the property and everything. On other trucks, and I asked my buddy who has one. He said, No, he hasn’t came and talked to him. So I was the only one that was talked to,” Chris said.

A deflated Mike said “OK, so maybe it’s not politically motivated. It’s just maybe personal. Maybe because I mean, if other people are allowed to fly certain flags or you have a Trump flag and they said nothing. Maybe it’s not a big political thing.”

“I thought you were going to say that they didn’t want any of like conservatives or, you know, anti-Biden messages,” he added, clarifying the narrative he had been pursuing.

“They all have Trump flags, and I had Let’s Go Brandon, and that’s the only one he was mad about was mine,” Chris said.

“So that’s his issue. I wouldn’t let it bother you too much, but I…” Mike said, trailing off. “Yeah, we appreciate you for being out here.”

Watch above via RSBN.

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