Watch the FULL Leaked Then Scrubbed Video of Elizabeth Warren’s Meeting with Union Executives


Last week, Mediaite published clips from a leaked video of Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s meeting with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) executive board, and within days, that video had been scrubbed from the internet.

The video was originally visible to only those who had a link to the video. We obtained the video and posted several clips, after which that link-only video was deleted from an ILWU-controlled page. The video that ILWU deleted was not a collection of raw footage, but rather an edited package of the Q&A session, complete with on-screen titles.

In fact, even the deleted video omitted Warren’s answer to an awkward question about her “values.”

During that August 23, 2019 meeting, Warren discussed a range of topics, including comments about “Medicare for All” that appeared to leave room for significant deviation from the Bernie Sanders plan that she has publicly backed.

On immigration, Sen. Warren told the familiar story of her visit to a migrant detention center — which she describes here and on the stump as “a giant Amazon warehouse, only it smells bad” — and promised to prosecute Trump administration officials who have criminally mistreated migrants.

On LGBTQ rights, Warren attacked the Trump administration’s record, and told the group “I don’t have one plan on this, it’s woven into every one of these plans, because the ugliness of the Trump administration has seeped into so many areas that it’s not a single plan, but it’s to solve a single problem,” which she described as Trump’s pitting of various groups against each other.

Warren also discussed climate change, education, retirement security, and gun control.

Instead of publicly releasing the Q&A, though, the union published a nine-minute video that featured Warren’s opening remarks, which consisted mostly of her own bio, in addition to the retirement security segment from the deleted video.

Watch the full Q&A video above.

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