WATCH: Trump Fan Yells ‘Greatest President We Ever Had’ As Biden Describes Deporting Terminally Ill Children


A supporter of President Donald Trump selected a telling moment to shout praise for Trump at a Joe Biden rally, yelling “Greatest president we ever had!” as Biden finished describing the administration’s cancellation of a policy protecting terminally ill children from deportation.

During a town hall event in Greenville, South Carolina, Biden savaged the Trump administration over a recent report that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency sent letters to migrants seeking medical deferments threatening them with deportation.

The Trump administration says those deferments will now be considered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), but the letters sent to the applicants said nothing about this, they simply threatened deportation if the recipients did not leave the country within 33 days.

A fired-up Biden told the crowd “And now his administration is canceling what’s called medical deferments for undocumented immigrants. He’s seeking to deport sick children seeking life-saving medical treatment here in the United States.”

“Like every bully in history, he’s trying to make himself seem stronger by picking on the most vulnerable of all Americans,” Biden said, and went on to add “I thought even he would understand that kids suffering from cancer, cystic fibrosis, and other diseases they can’t get treatment for in their countries, were off limits. but like some of the other things he’s said, cruelty seems to be the point.”

After another minute of fiery denunciation, Biden asked the crowd “What has become of us?”

In the moment of silence that followed Biden’s rhetorical question, a voice from the back of the room shouted “Best president we ever had!”

Biden continued his speech, but after about another minute, was briefly interrupted by a verbal altercation between the Trump fan and a Biden supporter that was caught on video. Both men were removed from the rally.

Biden reacted to the disturbance by saying “Look, be careful with anybody, they can stay what they want, don’t worry about it.”

Watch the clip above, via Now This Politics.

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