WATCH: Trump Jumps in to Help Reporter Press FEMA Chief on When Masks Will Get to Hospitals at Coronavirus Briefing


The White House held a coronavirus updates briefing on Saturday that among other things covered a great deal of information about the availability of the N95 masks and protective gear for medical professionals. There were a number of questions and no small amount of confusion.

It was so pressing a matter, in fact, that one reporter pressing for specifics from FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor got an unlikely assist.

From President Donald Trump.

The question being asked was when doctors and nurses “can expect to actually receive” the N95 masks that the task force has reported are now available by the millions thanks to regulatory changes. Vice President Mike Pence responded first, explaining that availability has increased, but not specifically answering about when the masks will be in the hands of the healthcare professionals who need them. “We’re making those available” he said several times.

“We are still hearing from doctors and nurses about the shortage, when exactly can they expect to receive these masks, though,” he was asked again. Pence then turned it over to Gaynor.

Gaynor went on at length about matching up supply with demand, and saying “we’ll prioritize those scarce resources, because every single Governor across the country is looking for the exact same thing.”

“So there’s a balance, but we’re examining the entire supply chain so we…” Gaynor was saying when Trump interrupted.

“When will the masks start coming in,” said Trump to the FEMA administrator as a reporter could be heard saying “yeah.”

Gaynor stammered his reply, saying “they’re,they’re, they’re out there now, so again, we want to match, we want to get out of the middle, I think…”

Trump looked to the reporter and gestured, starting to say “that’s what you” are trying to ask, and the reporter said to him “I appreciate it.”

“Yeah, that’s what I’d like to know, when will they get them” said Trump to some laughter from the press, as Gaynor continued to say “we’re trying to match suppliers with demand.”

Watch the exchange above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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