WATCH: Trump Pushes For America to Reopen After Jobs Report


President Donald Trump on Friday called for governors to reopen their states, arguing that the country was ready and that new employment data showed the economy on its way to “a long period of growth.”

“We are going to be back, and we’re opening our country,” Trump said at a White House press conference. He added that the states “most energetic about opening” after the coronavirus pandemic — including Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina — were doing “tremendous business.”

The president also cited May’s jobs numbers, which were released on Friday, as evidence that the economy was on its way to recovering. Those figures trounced expectations, showing that the economy added 2.5 million jobs, bringing the jobless rate down to 13.3 percent from 14.7 percent in April. Economists had forecast the unemployment rate would reach around 19 percent.

Touting the stock market as a sign the country would recover quickly, Trump said, “We are going to be stronger than we were when we were riding high, and our stock market is almost — just short of an all-time high.” He added that the economy has experienced 144 all-time highs during his presidency, saying, “No one’s ever come close to that, and we’re going to do it again. It’s going to be even stronger than last time.”

He also argued that shutdowns around the country “saved possibly 2 million lives,” and that Sweden illustrated the consequences of not shutting down. “It has come back to haunt Sweden. Sweden’s having a terrible time. If we did that, we would’ve lost a million, a million and a half, even two and a half million or more lives.”

A little more than 110,000 Americans have died as a result of the coronavirus since the first death was recorded in February.

Watch above via Fox News.

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