WATCH: Trump Waves Around Q-Tip, Testing Swab at Coronavirus Briefing: ‘Very Sophisticated’


At Sunday’s press briefing for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, President Donald Trump bragged about the United States passing a coronavirus testing milestone, administering tests to over 4 million Americans, and discussed efforts to increase production of critical testing supplies like testing swabs.

Trump said that 4.18 million Americans had been tested for Covid-19, more than France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, and Canada combined.

The president then discussed testing swabs, which are a necessary part of the testing process, used to take a nasal sample from a suspected Covid-19 patient.

The federal government was continuing to “procure millions of swabs,” said Trump, who then brought out a small item sealed in white paper, a testing swab, which he then opened and held up to the reporters, along with a standard “Q-tip” style cotton swab.

I have something here. A swab. It looks innocent. Not very complicated. Anybody like to see what it looks like? Should I open it? Open it up. I will. I will. This is what it’s about. Right? Does it remind you of something? Does it remind you of this? One’s a swab, one’s a Q-tip. It’s actually different. It’s very sophisticated actually. It’s a little bit like — but this is the swab. We ordered a lot of them. They have a lot of them.

Trump touted the increased swab production as “a big deal,” and promised that “I think in the end we’ll have — we are going to have a tremendous success. Nobody is close to us. No country is close to us.”

Later in the briefing, Trump promised that “twenty million additional swabs per month” would be produced by a U.S. facility, under the Defense Production Act, and additional efforts by American manufacturers to ramp up production of surgical gowns, N95 masks, and other personal protective equipment.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.



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