WATCH: VA Gov Ralph Northam Still Stonewalling Over Who Is in His Racist Yearbook Photo

Ralph Northam Stonewalls on Identities of Persons in Racist Yearbook Photo

In an interview with Fox5DC reporter Josh Rosenthal, Virginia’s Democratic Governor Ralph Northam continued to stonewall over the identities of two people — one in blackface, one wearing a KKK uniform — in a scandalous racist photo from his medical school yearbook page.

“We’ve turned the page, Virginians want us to move forward,” Northam claimed. “They want a leader, a leader such as me.” During the back-and-forth, Northam again refused to give any more details about who, exactly, is in the photo and how it ended up on his yearbook page. But Rosenthal pointed out that many Virginians remain incensed by the photo and the lack of accountability from Northam about what actually happened.

“Well as you know there was an investigation that was very thorough by Eastern Virginia Medical School. You know what has happened in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I regret that. I have addressed that,” Northam said.

When the racist photo first gained widespread attention back in February, large numbers of Democrats both inside and outside of Virginia unequivocally called for Northam’s resignation. Nevertheless, Northam refused to step down and, instead, initiated an investigation into the photo.

Rosenthal, however, pointed out to the governor on Tuesday that the EVMS investigation into the incident was “inconclusive.” Likewise, Northam has never publicly admitted if either of the two individuals in the photo is him, nor has he identified anyone else in the photo.

When the reported further prodded Northam, reminding the governor that he had also promised to conduct his own personal investigation into the photo, the response was more stonewalling with no clear answers.

“We did conduct an investigation, a very thorough investigation, and that was turned over to Eastern Virginia Medical School and they reported on their investigation,” Northam said.

Shortly after these comments, Rosenthal reports that Northam abruptly ended the impromptu interview and got inside an SUV without taking any more questions.

Screengrab via FOX5DC.

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