WATCH: WH Deputy Press Sec’y Repeatedly Dodges Fox News Anchor’s Questions on Giuliani, Biden Investigation


White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley repeatedly dodged basic questions from Fox News’ Martha MacCallum about the latest impeachment testimony, Rudy Giuliani’s role in Ukraine foreign policy, and President Donald Trump’s direct request of an investigation into Joe Biden.

MacCallum’s interview with Gidley came after another day of damning testimony in the House Democrats’ impeachment hearings, which included political affair counselor of the US Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes and National Security Council official Fiona Hill. Both officials linked Trump and his personal attorney, Giuliani, to efforts to pressure Ukraine into investigations of the Biden as part of a quid pro quo campaign.

“Let me ask you a couple specifics about what we heard,” MacCallum said. “Fiona Hill said this Giuliani were on a quote ‘domestic political errand.’ She says they were not carrying out foreign policy.”

“I don’t know where she gets that,” Gidley responded. “This whole thing has been about conjecture and opinions.”

“What were they trying to achieve?” MacCallum said, following up.

“I don’t know what Rudy Giuliani was doing because that’s the president’s personal attorney,” Gidley answered. “Very clear what Ambassador [Gordon] Sondland was doing trying to find out where the aid was. The president told him we are going to release it.”

But in addition to his attempts at understanding why the White House held up the aid to Ukraine,  Sondland also revealed in bombshell testimony on Wednesday that there was direct quid pro quo scheme pushed by Giuliani, which involved dangling a one-on-one meeting between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in exchange for an investigation into the Bidens.

“The President told all of these people whose role it was to carry out their relationship with Ukraine to let Rudy Giuliani and Sondland handle it,” MacCallum pressed. “What was their job? What were they supposed to be accomplishing?”

“Again, I’m not aware of what the deal with Rudy Giuliani and the president are,” Gidley offered, before quickly pivoting away from the impeachment to standard Republican talking points. “I can tell you the president was wrongly investigated for two and a half years. He was spied upon, in fact. His campaign was spied upon. And we deserve to know how and why that happened.”

“Rudy Giuliani has the right as the president’s personal attorney to try to find out what happened to his client,” Gidley then added.

Next, MacCallum alluded to the infamous July 25 call summary and Holmes’ testimony on Thursday about the pressure exerted to announce a probe into a potential 2020 rival of Trump’s. “I guess what the question is the crossover between that personal business and the business that became the business of the country,” she noted. “So, why did the president insist on a Biden investigation before he would meet with President Zelensky? Why?”

“No, no, no, no, no, let’s be clear about this,” Gidley said, prefacing a response that was anything but. “What the president wanted was to root out corruption he wanted other countries to pay their fair share. We’ve talked about that many times. I spoke to the president tonight. I don’t think anyone knows this yet. We were in the Oval Office and having a conversation about these hearings. The president did nothing wrong. He wants that plain and clearly explained to the American people.”

Moments later, MacCallum tried one more time to get Gidley to directly answer the same question: “You know, did you ever ask the president, you know, why did he want a Biden investigation?”

“When the aid was released September 11th we already had a meeting scheduled with Zelensky if you remember in Poland,” Gidley began, in an answer that never came close to responding to MacCallum’s actual query. “The reason we didn’t go is because there was a hurricane. The president stayed behind for to make sure that the American people would be safe and okay. But, in his stead, in August, he did send the vice president. That is his proxy. So the president had no problem meeting with president Zelensky at all and has done so many times and has had many calls with the president.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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