‘We’ve Got To Get The Roaches Out!’ WATCH Stunning New Footage From Trump Jan. 6 Documentary


Stunning new footage from the now-infamous Trump January 6 documentary “Unprecedented” shows just how unfettered the film crew’s access was to then-President Donald Trump, his family, and the supporters who carried out the violent attack on the Capitol.

Filmmaker Alex Holder‘s upcoming film has already etched itself into the history books as an exhibit in the blockbuster January 6 hearings,

Politico’s Ryan Lizza and Eugene Daniels obtained the trailer for the documentary exclusively, and described some of the notable details from the gripping footage:

From Playbook:

— Ivanka frets about a line on her dress, and jokes about covering it with a pet roaming about. “Can I borrow your dog?” she asks her makeup artist.

— Jared nervously repositions his tie and asks, “Is that okay?”

— Don Jr., seen at a rally, screams, “We will make liberals cry again!”

— Eric is caught on a phone call, mysteriously saying, “For the sake of this country, we’re going to get these guys.”

The quick cuts are set to Vivaldi and interspersed with a series of text-only shots explaining the movie: “Witness the 3-part documentary event … With exclusive access … To the most controversial family in the world … Gaining power is easy … Surrendering it is not.”

It all builds to Jan. 6, when the Vivaldi suddenly stops and a wide shot of Trump at the “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington appears. “Let’s all walk down Pennsylvania Avenue,” he tells the crowd.

Then Holder’s cameraman joined the crowd as it marched on the Capitol. “We’ve got to get the roaches out, all of them,” a protester yells straight to the camera as he appears to motion toward Congress.

As Politico points out, the new footage teases at just how extensive the filmmakers were given to Trump and the Trump kids — sons Eric and Don Jr. and daughter Ivanka — as well as the crowd’s-eye-view of the attack that has dominated the news anew since the hearings began.

Watch above via Politico.

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