WH Reportedly Flooded House GOP With Dozens of Talking Point Emails During Hearings and One Fumed: ‘Stop Spamming Me’


The White House was in furious, rapid reaction mode during the first day of impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump, reportedly sending out as many as six to seven talking-point emails every hour to House Republicans, overwhelming them to the point of frustration.

This frenzied, behind-the-scenes spin control, reported by CNN’s Jamie Gangel, stands in stark contrast to the public posture of the White House, which has tried to blithely dismiss the hearings as “boring” and a waste of “time and money.” Trump, too, has attempted to affect a disinterest in his own public impeachment battle, claiming he would be “too busy” to watch the impeachment hearings. Yet he also still found time to post about them on Twitter 30 times on Wednesday.

Speaking to CNN political correspondent Abby Phillip, host Erin Burnett pointed out the conflicting narratives between the White House’s public and private strategies during the first, historic day of Trump’s impeachment.

“Abby, we’re hearing that the president says he didn’t watch, didn’t even watch a minute,” Burnett pointed out. “Jamie Gangel was reporting that the White House was emailing Hill Republicans sometimes six to seven e-mails an hour — there were six hours of this — and the Members were inundated, they complained, apparently one telling them, one wrote back: ‘Stop spamming me.’ What does that say to you that it was an onslaught?”

“They may have overshot the mark here. This was the White House’s attempt to convince Republicans on the Hill that they’re on top of this, that they have a plan and they’re not just going to kind of wing it as they have in the past,” Phillip said. ” You have to imagine that if Republicans on the Hill felt that these e-mails were helpful and they must have felt that the content of the e-mails were not advancing their interests or helping them defend the president in a useful way, so I think it’s very interesting that that was the reaction.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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