‘What the Hell Were You Thinking?’ Fox’s Bill Hemmer Confronts Ex-Obama Economist for Saying Inflation, Supply Chain Are ‘High-Class Problems’


Fox News’ Bill Hemmer confronted Jason Furman on Friday over his claim that economic travails were “high-class” problems.

Furman, an economist in President Barack Obama‘s administration, said on Twitter this week that inflation and supply-chain issues were “high-class problems,” sparking controversy after White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain wrote a message in agreement.

“To paraphrase Jay Leno, what in the hell were you thinking?” Hemmer asked Furman in a morning interview.

“You need to keep two things in your head at once,” Furman replied. “One is, inflation is real. Inflation is creating a problem for families. We should do something about it. Number two, the reason we have this inflation is actually a good reason — that the unemployment rate has come down, that families got money, and people are buying more things than ever before. The problem isn’t that our ports stopped working. It’s that people are buying so much stuff that so much is trying to come through our ports right now. We have record volumes.”

Hemmer countered: “And a lot of people who say you saw it coming last February say you did very little about it. Why did the chief of staff retweet that?”

Furman demurred. “You should have the chief of staff on to ask him that question,” he responded, prompting Hemmer to say “we put in a lot of requests.”

Returning to the topic, Furman persisted. “Americans are traveling more than they were a year ago,” he argued. “That’s a good thing. Americans are spending more. They’re spending more in restaurants. They’re spending more on sporting goods. They’re spending more on nights out. They’re spending more on travel. That’s all a really good thing. That’s what’s most important.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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