White House Fourth of July Celebration Gives VIP Tickets to RNC, Snubs DNC

President Donald Trump’s tank-laden July 4th extravaganza, “Salute to America,” is set to begin tomorrow, but the Democratic National Convention has not received a ticket allotment to the VIP area of the typically nonpartisan event.

An official with the DNC told NBC News they had not received any tickets, while an RNC official confirmed Monday that they had, in fact, received their ticket allotment. An RNC spokeswoman said that several of the tickets had gone to top donors but would not comment how many they received.

Typically, the White House provides an allotment of tickets for White House events to each party’s national convention and the conventions distribute however they see fit. “Salute to America” is free and open to the public but there is a ticketed VIP section near the front, which apparently this year won’t include Democrats.

White House officials stated before the news broke that the event this year would remain bipartisan. When asked by NBC News why the DNC had not received tickets to the VIP section, a White House spokesman simply maintained that the event was free and open to the public.

On Monday Trump said a display of tanks would be a part of the celebration. U.S. Park Police Chief Robert Maclean would not confirm the presence of tanks but an AP photographer saw four tanks on a flatcar in Southeast Washington that day.

[Photo by IAN LANGSDON/AFP/Getty Images]

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