White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham Absurdly Claims Trump’s ‘Poll Numbers Are Going Through the Roof’

White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Stephanie Grisham showed off a flair for alternative facts when she claimed that President Donald Trump‘s poll numbers “are going through the roof.”

Grisham gave her first television interview since succeeding Sarah Huckabee Sanders as chief spokesperson for the Trump administration, speaking to Sinclair’s Eric Bolling on the latest edition of America This Week.

During an extended exchange attacking former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, Grisham dropped one particularly yuge whopper, maybe two.

“Anthony threw some serious words around there, he said the president’s crazy,” Bolling said.

“Yeah, he said it’s not personal, but he’s crazy, let’s see I wrote it down, racist, mentally declining, and indefensible,” Grisham said, then added “I mean he’s the president, his poll numbers are going through the roof, our economy is doing better than ever, he’s doing a great job. Anthony knows that, and the country knows that.”

Unless Grisham means that Trump’s poll numbers are going through the roof of the Batcave, she’s about as far off base as you can get. Trump’s average approval rating is just above 43 percent, and even the Trump-friendly Rasmussen tracking poll has him at just 46 percent. Trump’s average approval has never come close to cracking 50 percent.

As for the economy, GDP growth was already slowing before Wednesday’s 800-point stock Market crash.

Watch the clip above, via Sinclair.

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