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Wolf Blitzer Slams Trump For Promoting ‘Unproven’ Coronavirus Drug: ‘Significant Potential Side Effects’

Immediately after President Donald Trump concluded Sunday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer criticized the president for continuing to promote hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19, for misrepresenting what is known about the drug’s effectiveness and failing to acknowledge the “significant potential side effects” of the drug.

During the briefing, Trump once again touted hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, as a coronavirus treatment:

“And another thing we have bought a tremendous amount of is hydroxychloroquine,” Trump said. “We have stockpiled 29 million pills of the hydroxychloroquine. 29 million. A lot of drugstores have them, by prescription. And they’re not expensive.”

“What do you have to lose?” the president asked. “What do I know? I’m not a doctor. I’m not a doctor. But I have common sense.”

However, the trouble with Trump’s enthusiasm for this drug, as Blitzer noted, is that we still don’t have conclusive clinical studies proving its effectiveness in treating Covid-19.

Testing is underway — and the sad reality of a global pandemic means there are plenty of otherwise terminal patients desperate for a cure and willing to be test subjects — and while it won’t take the “years” that Trump feared it might, it won’t be instantaneous.

More importantly, Blitzer continued, Trump was wrong that there was “nothing to lose” by trying the drug: serious and possibly dangerous side effects:

The problem when the president says what do you have to lose, is that there are significant potential side effects to using this drug, including, when we’re looking at the warnings: seizures, nausea, deafness, vision changes, low blood pressure, and if you have underlying conditions and you use this drug, which may or may not be useful, the clinical trials are not conclusive, it could be very damaging.

As Blitzer and Dana Bash noted later, these side effects could be worse than the symptoms that many people might experience from Covid-19 itself. For those who are currently asymptomatic, risking these dangerous side effects made even less sense.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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