Wyoming High School Student Handcuffed and Arrested After Refusing to Follow Mask Mandate


Abby Smith arrested for refusing to follow mask mandate at Laramie High School in Wyoming

A Wyoming student was arrested late last week for trespassing at her school after defying her school district’s mask mandate.

Grace Smith, 16, was arrested and handcuffed on Oct. 7 after she returned to Laramie High School after serving two consecutive two-days suspensions for refusing to follow the mandate. Smith, a junior, received another two-day suspension after refusing for the third time to follow the mandate. She has received $1,000 in citations for refusing to leave the school grounds.

Smith’s father, Andy Smith, posted online the video of his daughter getting arrested by the Laramie Police Department.

According to the Laramie Bommerang, the arrest caused a lockdown.

In a short statement, the school district acknowledged the “brief lockdown,” which was done in response to a “student disciplinary disturbance” at the main office of the school.

Sean O’Sullivan, a spokesman for the school district, said principals across the district were in one location for a weekly meeting at the time and that nobody was hurt.

“Everyone is safe,” he said. “That’s the big key right now.”

The statement also says the lockdown wasn’t done because of any specific threat of violence or potential for harm.

“The lockdown was issued in order to prevent further interruptions to academic learning,” the statement says.

When asked about how many suspensions have been handed down because of students not wearing masks, O’Sullivan declined to answer, citing the statement, which says that “the school district does not comment on student discipline matters.”

Grace Smith told the Boomerang that her parents, Andy and Erin Smith, are behind her.

“It was my choice,” she said. “I started refusing masks, and I told them about that. But they’ve been supporting me, and they’ve made it clear this is my choice.”

The Boomerang reports that Smith is eligible to return after her latest two-day suspension Monday. But when the suspensions add up to 10 days, she is subject to being expelled.

Watch above.

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