‘You Are the Worst of the Worst!’ Man Hectors Pro-Riot Rally, Gets Into Shouting Match As Dozens of Riot Cops Look On


Cameras at the pro-Capitol-rioter “Justice for J6” rally captured a man hectoring the rally from inside a phalanx of Capitol Police in riot gear.

Ruptly’s live feed of the sparsely attended rally captured the man speaking out against the rally, slamming the invaders whom the rally was organized to support, and telling the crowd “You are the worst of the worst!”

He added that “You believe in a fascist form of government,” and that the rally’s real purpose was “about changing the narrative, cuz they have a loser argument, and the loser argument, hundreds of hours of video and photographs and recordings that they took and were proud of what they did. They’re patriots. They’re being hoisted with their own petard, as they say.”

After a few minutes, one of the rallygoers began to heckle the man, who briefly engaged in a shouting match with him before he turned to the police and demonstratively bowed with respect.

The heckler continued ranting, and another man shouted back, and then the Ruptky feed froze just as a shirtless man recording with a smartphone entered the foreground of the frame.

The event, organized to show support for those imprisoned over the Jan. 6 invasion of the Capitol, achieved very high turnout — by cops and the media. But early reports indicated only “dozens” of attendees.

Watch above via Ruptly.

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