Young Turks Ana Kasparian Mocks Trump Surrogate’s Unhinged Thanksgiving Rant: Charlie Kirk ‘Needs A Wellness Check’


The Young Turks host Ana Kasparian was by turns aghast and entertained by a recent video of Turning Points USA founder and vocal Trump surrogate, Charlie Kirk’s unhinged rant that was ostensibly about an imagined “war on Thanksgiving” waged by those on the left.

In the video that went viral early this week, a disheveled and unkempt Kirk claims “the left” has always hated Thanksgiving, suggesting “Thanksgiving can be interpreted as a religious holiday if you believe in giving thanks to a Creator, but [leftists] hate Thanksgiving because they believe there is nothing you should be thankful for in America.”

After the video went viral, many on Twitter described Kirk’s disheveled appearance as looking like he “woke up on a beach,” “is delivering a manifesto from an undisclosed location,” or “had a crazed chimp tear his face off.”

On Wednesday, Kasparian piles on to the mockery and expresses genuine concern for Kirk, wondering if he needs a wellness check. “I’m not kidding,” she says. “I know it sounds like I am, but I’m being a hundred percent serious. His hair is constantly a mess, and he has the ramblings of a madman on the whiteboard behind him.”

As to the substance of Kirk’s allegations, Kasparian wondered where the actual substance is.

“What is he talking about?” she wonders. “‘The left hates Thanksgiving because they don’t believe there’s anything to be thankful for?’ OK, cool, can you quote one of these leftists that have said something along those lines? Who doesn’t love getting together with their families to share a delicious meal?”

John Iadarola also expressed disappointment, not only at Kirk’s appearance but also at the dwindling standards for who’s allowed to become a right-wing spokesman.

“[Kirk] is not one of the better right-wing grifters on video,” John says. “This is not a difficult thing. Doing right-wing grift is not that difficult, but there is a threshold and not everybody reaches it, I guess. He’s doing the thing where they need to come up with some sort of social issue to be furious about, and if you can tie it to religion, even better because so many of your followers are religious. But he tied this to religion in the most ham-fisted way possible… This is what you get when billionaires decide who your media figures are.”

Kasparian surmises that Kirk is only cobbling together this dimwitted, baseless attack on “the left” because he understands that discussing the genuinely pressing issue many of us face this holiday season would draw attention to the nation’s colossal failure in the battle against coronavirus, led by Kirk’s beloved leader, Donald Trump.

“The actual debate that we’re having is should people have big family gatherings,” she says. “He doesn’t want to acknowledge that that’s what the debate is about because then he has to counter the very real critique that you might die or kill your family member. So let’s put that to the side because that’s just scary. ‘Let’s say that they don’t like being thankful for things and they hate cranberry sauce.’ It’s clownish.”

Watch above via Young Turks YouTube channel.

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