​Yes, Mediaite Finally Got a Facelift​

It was time. ​

After eight years of excellent service, we​ have​ retire​d​ the old Mediaite logo, along with making a few other small changes around the site​. We loved the old “retro” logo but there reaches a point where even retro becomes dated.

– New typeface (Lato)
– Changed lead story title orientation
– More defined sidebar
– Larger section headings
– Removed borders on some desktop posts

The majority of changes were made to help make everything a little more legible on smaller and mobile devices. The new logo makes it a bit easier to read our name for those who’ve never seen the word ‘Mediaite‘ before. Hopefully this means fewer instances of people calling us ‘‘. Yes, there is an existing mediation site that probably doesn’t appreciate the confusion either.

Thanks to Dan for letting us ​experiment and thanks to everyone for reading! I hope​ you all​ let​ us know what more we can do to improve your Mediaite reading experience!

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