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2007 Obama Campaign Memo Published, Reveals How To Beat Hillary

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.45.15 AMRyan Lizza of The New Yorker published a campaign memo from the staff of then-Senator Barack Obama as he prepared to take on Hillary Clinton. The memo details many of Clinton’s vulnerabilities that Obama could exploit favorably; the team believed that “Barack Obama is change. She is not” and “Change you can believe in” argued for for differences in content of character.

The Chief Strategist of the Obama election campaign David Axelrod confirmed the authenticity of the memo last night to CNN before the start of the Democratic Debate. As Lizza notes, “It offers a fascinating glimpse into campaign strategy, and specifically into the strategy used to defeat Hillary Clinton, who was then, as now, the Democratic frontrunner.”

One of the printed criticisms against Clinton even includes the lines:

From the war, to NAFTA, to Social Security, to her choice of baseball teams, Clinton is constantly shifting, dodging and changing positions to satisfy the politics of the moment. Her penchant for secrecy and non-disclosure reflect an underlying disdain for the “invisible” people for whom she claims to speak.

Although this point was clearly first established by the Obama campaign as early as 2007, just last night debate host Anderson Cooper confronted Clinton on her history of flip-flopping.

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