2011 Hillary Was ‘Surprised’ to Learn a State Dept. Staffer Was Using ‘Personal Email Account’

The thousands of emails that have been released as part of the ongoing Hillary Clinton “Emailgate” kerfuffle have yielded little in the way of smoking guns, or even vaping slingshots, but some of them have been good for a laugh. Into that contingent, you can add a recently-released email that was flagged by CBS News’ John Dickerson.

In the thread, Hillary’s State Department staffers are kicking a piece of analysis upstairs to her that was written by John Godfrey, Chief of Staff at Office of the Deputy Secretary of State. When Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan sent the email along to Hillary, she responded by asking for whom does Godfrey work. That’s when it got mildly amusing:


Hillary: Who does he work for now?

Sullivan: Us.

Hillary: Is he in NEA currently? Or was he in embassy? I was surprised that he used personal email account if he is at State.


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