26 Women Ask the Pope for Permission to Have Sex with Priest Boyfriends

The current pope has been a bit more open-minded on things like atheists getting into heaven and the like, but would Pope Francis let priests break their vow of celibacy? That’s what 26 women are hoping for, all of whom co-signed a letter addressed to the pontiff asking him for permission to have sex with their boyfriends, who just happen to be priests, who have taken vows of celibacy.

In the letter, these Italian women say, “Each of us is living, has lived or want to live a loving relationship with a priest.” They argue it’s a “devastating situation” when women fall in love with priests, only for them not to be able to get intimate.

And furthermore, the two options these priests have to be fulfilled is to either break their solemn oaths or leave the priesthood, and the women argue the pope should prefer a better solution. They even argue a priest’s devotion to his faith would come “with greater momentum” when he is able to share that faith with a wife and children.

This is, remarkably, not the first high-profile request the pope has gotten from someone asking to waive the celibacy vow, a German priest recently made the same request of Pope Francis after admitting he fathered a child years ago.

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