30-Year-Old Justin Bieber Arrested in Nashville

The headlines from local news stations say it all. “Justin Bieber (no, not that one) arrested outside Nashville bar,” reports WSMV. “Man named Justin Bieber arrested for public intoxication in Nashville,” says WKRN.

That’s right, this Memorial Day weekend, a 30-year-old Nashville man who just happens to share a name with Canada’s biggest pop star was arrested for public intoxication after he was found trying to pick fights outside a local bar. According to a police affidavit, the non-celebrity Bieber fell asleep in the squad car on the way to the station.

It was a far cry from drag racing a bright yellow Lamborghini down a Miami Beach street as his famous namesake did earlier this year.

Here is the mugshot of the man about whom no one would think twice were it not for his terribly unfortunate name:

[Photo via WKRN, featured image via Shutterstock]

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