50 Cent Challenges Floyd Mayweather: Prove You Can Read Dr. Seuss and I’ll Donate to ALS

Admit it, you secretly love celebrities using the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to stoke feuds with their enemies, and rapper 50 Cent just reached the apex by issuing a challenge to his former best friend, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Turning the challenge into an ASL/ESL challenge, 50 Cent called out his notoriously illiterate frenemy. “If you can read one whole page of a Harry Potter book, I’ll give $750,000 to whatever charitable organization you choose,” 50 declared, then tossed a bucket off his balcony. “Fuck the bucket of ice, man.”

The enmity between Fif and Mayweather is deep: the rapper claims that Mayweather stiffed him out of $2 million from a business venture, and Mayweather has no problem calling him out in public.

Which is why 50 ratcheted up the stakes the next day, along with Jimmy Kimmel, who offered to let Mayweather read aloud on the show. “We know you can’t pronounce the words in that Harry Potter book, so we’re gonna let you read Cat in The Hat,” 50 generously offered.

This was allegedly Mayweather’s response to the challenge, though it was quickly deleted:

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