6.0 Earthquake Hits Outside of San Francisco

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit outside of San Francisco early Sunday morning, causing some injures and mild infrastructure damage. Preliminary reports say it is the largest earthquake since the Loma Prieta quake rudely interrupted the 1989 World Series.

The quake struck in Napa Valley, and was estimated at 6.7 miles below the earth’s surface; residents described it as a long, rolling quake. The majority of the damage was reported in Napa, including broken glass and damaged structures; one mobile park was reported to have caught fire.

Authorities were testing nearby bridges for damage Sunday morning and urged caution around malfunctioning traffic lights.

The extent of injuries is not yet known; as of press time, no deaths had been reported.

UPDATE 2:24 p.m.: At least 87 were injured, three of whom remain in critical condition.

Below are some early pictures of the damage being shared on Twitter:

[h/t CBS News]

[Image via Shutterstock]

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