Did The Rock Actually Hit a 490 Yard Drive? (Which No PGA Tour Pro Has Done Since 2002)

This can’t be true, can it?

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, wrestler-turned-actor The Rock claimed that he smashed a drive a whopping 490 yards while shooting a scene for his HBO series Ballers.

But then he wrote this, muddying the picture a bit.

“Ok, no more bullshit haha.”

So was he just joking? Our guess is probably. Still, two things: 1) That number, 490, seems so random. Why not just say 500? 2) That guy, pictured above, sure looks like he could hit it a long way.

If it did happen, it would be longer than any drive hit on the PGA Tour since 2002, when Tiger Woods ripped one 498 yards.


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