A Bunch of the Businesses Trump Bragged About Last Night Don’t Exist Anymore


So remember how Donald Trump bragged about his wonderful businesses last night by literally trotting out piles of steak and wine and water?

ABC News conducted an investigation into the matter and… yeah, a lot of those aren’t around anymore.

Trump Steaks shuttered years ago, as did Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka. Trump Winery is still operational, but Trump Water is only available on… yep, Trump-owned properties.

So then what was with the steak and magazine Trump brought out last night? Well, they’re not exactly from those businesses.

Trump Steaks was a thing in 2007, not anymore. The steaks last night were, therefore, not Trump Steaks. So who’s were they? Well…

Some of the raw meat on display at Trump’s press conference Tuesday night still had the plastic wrappers on them, which appeared to have the name of a different Florida meat company, Bush Brothers.

ABC News spoke to Doug Bush, the sales manager for the West Palm Beach-based company, who confirmed that while he does sell steaks to “a number of Mr. Trump’s clubs in South Florida,” their company was “not affiliated” with Trump Steaks. When asked why Trump would be pointing to Bush Brothers steaks as examples of Trump Steaks, Bush said “I don’t know anything about that.”

Very surprising Trump would have the name Bush associated at all with his presser. Very low-energy.

The magazine Trump held up was not Trump Magazine, but instead a publication exclusive to his resorts called The Jewel of Palm Beach. And once again, that business said Trump has “no ownership interest” in their company.

So take that, Mitt Romney!

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