A Glimpse At A Parallel Universe Where People Still Debate Whether Men Can Be Funny

For some reason, the question of whether women can be funny is still being asked. Seriously, it is. Like just last week people were asking it. Enter this wonderful video from the comedy site Jest, in which we see what the world would be like the other way around. It depicts a news show in which a group of female “experts” debate whether men can every be funny and lament the fact that male comedians can’t seem to stop talking about “male issues.”

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Clearly this video takes place on some kind of parallel universe. Like an Earth 2 or something.

…What’s that?…I said, “Earth 2.” It’s a comic book reference.

…No, that’s not a man reference. Everyone reads comic books.

…You want me to change it? Ugh, fine.

Damn this all female editorial staff. I’ll never get respect as a poor, underrepresented male blogger.

Watch the video from Jest below:

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