ABC News’ Chris Cuomo Debuts New Website With Jaycee Dugard Home Video Exclusive

ABC will air exclusive Jaycee Dugard home videos tonight on 20/20 at 10pm, depicting her interacting with family for the first time since her reunion with them. A preview is on the new online page of ABC News: 20/20 anchor and ABC News Chief Law and Justice Correspondent Chris Cuomo‘s “Cuomo on the Case,” officially launches tonight and promises to become a staple in network news online content.

The Dugard story, currently the most viewed on, will spearhead the effort, with exclusive footage of Dugard and her mother and sister baking cookies, and engaging in the healing process. It is the first time Dugard and her family have allowed the media into their lives since Dugard was found and reunited with her family. While the complete story will air on tonight’s episode of 20/20, “Cuomo on the Case” has a preview of the footage, a step towards Cuomo’s goal of introducing a prominent new media section to the Emmy Award-winning show.

Cuomo commented exclusively to Mediaite explaining the nature of his new site: “We’re going to have a lot of web specific content, not just because it’s the future, as trite as that is, but it’s the brand. ‘Cuomo on the Case’ is a very populist-oriented thing.” Praising his staff’s “incredible levels of productivity,” Cuomo promised new content every day as well.

Here’s Cuomo introducing the site:

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