ABC News Kills Neil Armstrong (On Twitter)

If you’ve been on Twitter in the past twenty-four hours, you might have noticed Neil Armstrong is dead.

The first man on the moon has actually been dead for one year and two days now, but on Tuesday Twitter mourned his passing as if it had just happened:

The culprit appears to be this ABC News article chronicling Armstrong’s death last August. The article began making the rounds last night, and its sharing headline is “Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, is Dead.” If you don’t remember that Armstrong had already passed, it looks like breaking news:

Nor was this helped by ABC’s mobile app, which seemed to affix today’s date to the article:

Because of the way our nifty interwebz work, all the clicking on the article pushed it to the top of ABC’s trending column (above Miley Cyrus!), making it seem as if the site really were breaking the news, which of course caused all the more sharing, and the cycle continued:

Upon figuring out the mistake, Twitter immediately initiated Snark Sequence: Dead Celebrity:

[h/t Geekosystem]

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