ABC Scrubs Hilarious Kimmel Clip of Little Kid Dissing Corporate Sponsor

Finally, some Jimmy Kimmel news that isn’t “kill all the people in China”-related. On Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel tested Arden Hayes, a five-year-old wunderkind, on his amazing knowledge of world geography, but it was the gift-giving section of the segment that’s getting the most attention for Hayes’ hilarious refusal of a Sony tablet and the mysterious scrubbing of that section from Kimmel’s YouTube page.

Kimmel and the audience were wowed by how easily Hayes answered questions about geography, and at the end of the segment he presented Hayes with two gifts: a globe puzzle and a Sony tablet.

Hayes politely declined the tablet, explaining he’s getting an iPad soon. The audience burst out laughing. Obviously this sentiment did not carry into the offices of ABC executives.

Sony is a sponsor of Kimmel’s show (hence Kimmel giving away the tablet so prominently in the first place), and that last bit mysteriously vanished from the segment as it was uploaded to Kimmel’s YouTube page.


Watch part of the bit from last night here (along with the scrubbed section), via ABC:

And for comparison, here’s the segment as it appears on Kimmel’s YouTube page:

[h/t Gawker]

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