ABC’s Terry Moran On IRS Targeting Tea Party: ‘A Truly Nixonian Abuse Of Power By The Obama Administration…’

Conservatives went after Nightline host Terry Moran for critiquing the Obama administration on Twitter but failing to cover the story on his program.

On Friday morning Moran tweeted, “A truly Nixonian abuse of power by the Obama administration: IRS Apologizes for Targeting Conservative Groups.”

But his program that evening didn’t mention the story Friday evening. The episode instead focused on “life after abduction,” and the accidental drowning of an Olympian in San Francisco, neither of which were very Nixonian.

“Most Americans don’t have their own TV show,” Newsbusters wrote. “Moran does. Perhaps rather than lamenting stories online, he should actually cover them.”

However, Moran didn’t host the program that evening, something Newsbusters notes as an aside. It’s unclear how much control he had over the programming content.

The IRS apologized Friday for improperly targeting Tea Party groups filing for non-profit status during the 2012 election. Though no link has yet been made to the White House, and the head of the IRS at the time was a Bush appointee, the story came at a bad time for the Obama administration, which has had a dreadful week full of Benghaziness.

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