Activists Leak White House Phone Numbers to Replace Disabled Comment Line

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Last week, the frustration with week one of Donald Trump’s presidency included one story that flew somewhat under the radar: That the White House comment line, which is at (202) 456-1111, is no longer active, instead telling callers to reach out online. While the evidence suggests that it was disabled at the end of the Obama administration and just not reactivated by Trump (as opposed to Trump deactivating it), it still stands out to many as symbolic. As a result of all of this, there are various efforts to provide phone numbers that let you reach the Trump administration.

While Revolution Messaging, who ran Bernie Sanders’ digital campaign, had an interesting idea in suggesting taxpayers call Trump’s businesses, they’ve been one-upped by an anonymous activist group. They have launched a website called, well, “White House Comment Line.” It collects 84 different White House phone numbers, and, in the interest of not disrupting the government too much, Gothamist writes that the site owners “intentionally excluded any [numbers] they believed had a role in national security.”

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