Actress Rachel Bloom Team with TruTV to Expose the Reality of Red Carpet Fashion


TruTV’s Adam Ruins Everything is a fun show with a simple premise: What happens behind the scenes is never as cool as the final result looks in public and people deserve to know it. There are similar moments in the CW’s Crazy Ex-GirlfriendRachel Bloom‘s character, Rebecca, sings songs about the decidedly un-sexy process of getting glammed up for a big date night and the even more un-sexy reality of breasts being “sacks of yellow fat.”

It makes perfect sense, then, that Bloom and Adam Conover teamed up to bring the elucidating nature of their shows together for one big reveal. They chose to expose what really goes into the outfit selection when a celebrity walks a red carpet, which Bloom should know a thing or two about, given that she won a Golden Globe for her performance in CEG‘s first season. Check it out:

There’s Bloom revitalizing the schtick from her show and looking as frumpy as possible to remind viewers that no matter what someone looks like on television, there is no way they just woke up that way. Did you hear what she said, too? She’s just a human NASCAR and walking on a red carpet is nothing more than a big marketing opportunity that her team and a designer’s team work on together and essentially force her to comply with.

Wow! Glamorous!

Adam Ruins Everything will be back on August 23 and if this little clip is anything to go by, viewers will be learning plenty in the upcoming season.

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