Actress Tells Super-Weird Story of When She First Started to #FeelTheBern


Anyone who has ever been to a big stadium rock concert can tell you that often, the best part of the show is the opening act. Tuesday night’s Carson, California Bernie Sanders rally was no exception, as Nick Zano‘s inspiring tale of generations of embittered women was followed by Titanic actress Frances Fisher‘s Christian camp bonfire-style testimony about her conversion to Bernie-ism.

Fisher kicked things off, though, with a very helpful demonstration of just what it is that most non-Berners hear when Bernie Sanders and his followers talk about any issue that doesn’t rhyme with “Schmillionaires and Schpillionaires” or “Schmitizens Zoo-knighted”:

Yes, folks, she just “Subliminal-Manned” the entire Civil Rights movement.

Then, Fisher set the scene for the moment when she first began to “feel the Bern,” which was at the Sister Giant conference in March of last year. What follows is a tale that sounds like some weird ritual you might have seen at Stonehenge, if Druids were prone to appropriating Black Power salutes, and which stops just short of a giant Wicker Man:

Man, Frances Fisher sure can tell a lot about a person from the funny face they make in a room full of silently-standing people with their fists raised and their eyes closed.

This is the same kind of worshipfulness that critics tried to pin on Obama fans in 2008, ironically, but aside from the odd fainting spell, I don’t recall this sort of thing emanating from the stages at his rallies. Up the legs of your Chris Matthewses, yes, but from the stage, no.

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