Adbusters Magazine Makes Creative Use of Bar Code Placement For New Trump-Themed Cover

Cue the Donald Trump tweet about Adbusters being a very deceitful and struggling magazine in 3, 2, …

The magazine, which touts itself as “fighting back against the hostile takeover of our psychological, physical and cultural environments by commercial forces,” has issued its cover for its upcoming issue and makes extraordinarily creative use of it’s bar code for a cover story about global fascism.

“Adbusters Issue #127 takes on the rise of global fascism, exposing the symptoms of a sick and outdated system,” explains the editorial page of the issue. The magazine issue — which prominently features a black and white photo of the Republican candidate — will look at the rise of cyber threats, political activism, and “the current Fascist mood dominating Eastern Europe.” Regarding its Cool Fascismo edition, Adbusters continues:

Everywhere you look, fascist tendencies are creeping into view as each day our world falls further and further into chaos. Have we forgotten the lessons of the past? Will we bury our heads into the comforts of virtual reality while egomaniacs capture the imagination of the masses? Cool Fascismo is an unprecedented exploration into a world where a culture of cool becomes a culture of fear.

You can buy the pdf or print versions of Cool Fascismo for $14.95 here. AdvertisingAge points out that the bar code meant to emulate Adolf Hitler‘s mustache is the actual Universal Product Code for the issue.

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