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Adm. Allen Says BP Riser Pipe Cut, BP CEO Concedes ‘We Did Not Have Tools’

Here’s a glimmer of good news in the otherwise dire reports coming out of the Gulf. Adm. Thad Allen announced a short time ago that BP had managed to cut the riser pipe off the lower marine package. BP has been working on cutting the pipe since the “top kill” procedure failed, the cut is the first step in trying to cap the leak. Allen noted that the cut was not as clean as they would have ideally liked it to be, which may make the capping somewhat more difficult. But at least now they are able to attempt to cap. Watch below.

Meanwhile, BP CEO Tony Hayward has apparently conceded the company was not prepare for the disaster: “What is undoubtedly true is that we did not have the tools you would want in your tool kit.” To put it mildly.

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