‘After 20 Years of Defending These Guys…I’m Done’: Fox’s Perino Furious Over Sex Assault Claims

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-5-37-00-pmWe already know that Dana Perino has absolutely zero tolerance for anyone brushing off the allegations of sexual assault being lobbed at Donald Trump, but her spirited soundbites from today’s The Five leave no room for doubt.

Calling his comments on how Hillary Clinton‘s look didn’t impress him “not impressive” themselves, she said that Republicans defending his behavior are infuriating here and making her into “Mount Vesuvius.”

“You know who you are,” she said, referencing Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions. When the other hosts joked about how her mic would be cut, she hissed, “Yeah, because women should be seen and not heard, apparently. After 20 years of defending these guys” — she sliced the air with her hand — “done.”

Perino served as one of the White House’s Press Secretary under President George W. Bush.

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