After Freak Accident, Paralympics Athlete Amazingly Develops The Ability To Walk Again

Do you remember those old sitcoms where a character would get bonked on the head and develop amnesia and then all it took was another bonk to restore them? Imagine that kind of thing, but for real and much bigger scale. In the Netherlands, Monique van der Vorst, a Paralympic double silver medalist, has amazingly developed the ability to walk after being paralyzed for almost half of her life. What caused it? A freak accident during training.

The 26 year old was struck by a sprint cyclist and suddenly began feeling in her legs again. Now she is up and mobile. Euronews has her reaction:

“The sudden change of standing after being in a wheel chair, that feeling is indescribable because suddenly the whole world has a different perspective, everything is much lower and you feel much bigger. It is really very nice when you walk next to someone on the street to be able to look that person straight in the eyes. That feeling is indescribable.”

The only downside? Van der Vorst can no longer compete as a Paralympics athlete. Something tells me she’ll be willing to give that up. And I know I’ve been overusing the “Christmas miracle” gag a lot today but…wow.

Check out video of Van der Vorst from Euronews below:

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