After Saying He’s ‘Not Interested’ in It, O’Reilly Watches Megyn Kelly’s Book Overtake His on NYT Bestsellers

Bill O’Reilly had humble pie for Thanksgiving, it appears.

It isn’t our place to rule on whether Megyn Kelly and her Fox News colleague get along. We can just present some interactions. Back in February, Kelly took what looked like a swipe at O’Reilly for pre-taping his show, which airs back-to-back with hers. The minor instances of shade from both sides continued for months but what makes this month interesting more than anything is that both of them released books within the last few weeks. O’Reilly’s Killing the Rising Sun dropped in September. Kelly’s Settle for More has only been out for about two weeks.

When asked if he’d read Settle, O’Reilly responded he wasn’t “interested in making [Fox] look bad,” implying Kelly was. She retorted during various interviews in the following days that men at Fox wouldn’t understand what being a woman there entailed.

Well, as pointed out by FTVLiveSettle for More has now surpassed Killing the Rising Sun on the New York Timesbestsellers list, securing the top spot in nonfiction writing.


Looks like the bad reviews — from colleagues and trolls alike — didn’t stop the momentum behind Kelly’s highly-anticipated tell-all after all.

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