After Trump Threatens To Veto Spending Bill, White House Website Announces He Will Sign It

Earlier this morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to threaten to veto the omnibus spending bill that had just been passed by both the House and Senate. A veto would almost certainly lead to a government shutdown as Congress has recessed for spring break and many lawmakers have already left town.

However, it would seem that despite all the bluster coming from the president, the White House believes he is going to sign the bill. Why? Just take a look at what the White House’s official website has listed for the schedule 1 PM news conference:

So, will he or won’t he sign the bill? Was he just creating drama for the sake of creating drama? Did he just react after seeing a Fox & Friends segment begging him not to sign the bill?

Meanwhile, just prior to the scheduled news conference, CNN and others reported that they had been informed by the administration that Trump will indeed sign the bill. Just like the White House site shows. And just as had been noted by the administration for the past couple of days until this morning’s tweet.

We’ll see shortly, I guess.

UPDATE 1:31 PM ET: The president begrudgingly signed the bill, claiming that he will “never sign a bill like this again.” He explained he was signing it to take care of the military.

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