Airplane Fight over Legroom Leads to Prompt, Unscheduled Landing

A United Airlines fight between two passengers on a New Jersey flight to Denver over legroom, of all things, led to the plane making a sudden, unscheduled stop in Chicago so the two of them could be booted off the plane.

One of the two passengers was using something called the Knee Defender, a device that allows you to physically prevent the person in front of you from reclining in their seat. That way, you have plenty* of legroom on your flight.

United prohibits customers from using the device, and so, of course, there was a fight about it. The man who used the Knee Defender refused requests from the flight attendant and the lady in front of him to stop using it, and the lady in front then snapped and threw a cup of water at him. The plane promptly made an unscheduled stop in O’Hare.

There, the two passengers were booted off the plane, which proceeded to fly to its destination.

(*”Plenty” in this case refers to the little legroom airlines give you because they want you to suffer [I can think of no other reason for this].)

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