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Al Franken Reveals Private Discussions with Kathy Griffin

Senator Al Franken’s book tour took an unfortunate turn after his friend Kathy Griffin decided to torpedo her own career yesterday. As Franken made the rounds, the decision of Griffin to pose with a bloodied and decapitated mock up of Donald Trump’s head kept cropping up.

“Have we reached a point of political debate that is so corrosive, so toxic, people have lost their moorings as to what is appropriate?” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked him.

Franken responded by saying that he spoke with Griffin personally and that she was deeply, deeply sorry.

“I know Kathy. I condemn this. I talked to her and she did make a very heartfelt, fulsome apology,” he said. “That image has no place in our political dialogue.”

“What do you say to her?” pressed Mitchell.

“I said that that we can’t be showing images of a president who has been decapitated,” he said before catching himself.  “I don’t even want to say what it was … This was just so wrongheaded and I told her it was.”

Franken, however, has not indicated plans to cancel a scheduled public appearance with Griffin. Since the infamous image, Griffin has faced universal condemnation from the right and the left. President Trump slammed the comedian on Twitter and First Lady Melania Trump suggested she was mentally unstable.

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