Alabama Woman Slept Through A Tornado Ripping The Roof Off Her House

Could you sleep if there was a tornado heading directly for your house? It would be hard, but one Alabama woman managed to sleep through a tornado passing by her house and ripping off a part of her roof. Betsy Russell said she fell asleep on the sofa while watching TV and woke up to find a whole chunk of her house missing. Now, don’t you just hate when that happens?

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Russell fell asleep Thursday night while a storm was blowing through the area. During the night, the tornado ripped off part of the roof and damaged most of the house. Russell was woken up in the morning by sirens around her house.

She told the Associated Press, “i didn’t know I was that heavy a sleeper,” admitting she was very surprised that she was able to sleep through all the devastation wrought upon her home. The roof was torn off over Russell’s bedroom, but her grandson said she was “saved” by falling asleep on the couch and being out of the way of the serious damage.

Russell thanks guardian angels for keeping her safe, and plans on spending Christmas with her family in Colorado.

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